Come and gain Total Knowledge!

Total Knowledge Course with Raja Peter

MERU, Vlodrop

(including Part 1&2 with 3 days and 4 days options)

We have been floating in the bliss of Maharishi’s knowledge – deeply nourishing to heart and mind.’ – Henry Brighouse

The most remarkable impression for me was the clarity of the knowledge and application in all areas of life.’ – CP Bulgaria


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For the young ones…

We invite you to the course developed, held for and lead by the young Meditators and Sidhas across Europe!

Taking place 20th – 27th August, MERU, Vlodrop

With meetings in Maharishi’s Peace Palace and accommodation nearby in the comfortable MERU facility in Sint Odilienberg.

‘Thank you so much for another wonderful course. These courses give me so much hope for the future and ignite the spark of desire to continue sharing and spreading the good TM word to all the young ones for a bright future.’ — Elisa

Apply now!

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What actually was Guru Purnima? (Part 2)

“It’s such a glorious day to think of Totality, of Wholeness, of Fullness, of purity, of infinity, of coherence, peace, balance, harmony, and bliss, that is the reality of the one Unified Field of Natural Law, which is the reality of Guru Dev.”

-Maharaja Adiraj RajaRaam

Read more to find out more of what Maharaja Adiraj RajaRaam spoke on Guru Purnima.

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What actually is Guru Purnima? (Part 1)

The day of the full moon after the Summer Solstice in the month of Ashadha (June-July) is given the name – Guru Purnima.

(“Guru” = (spiritual) teacher, “Purnima” = Full Moon).

This year it will be celebrated on the 19 July. The day is dedicated to give thanks and appreciation to our Vedic Master Guru Dev. This is seen to be the start of the new year in the Vedic calendar. It is said to be a highly auspicious day and the next six months to be a fortuitous time to start new things and strive for evolving.


“Glory to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev, for us the light of the Holy Tradition”

– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi –

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