Without St. Odiliënberg, a new era for MERU begins

Maharishi's House and the future of MERU

It’s official – as of mid-October 2019, MERU will be no longer using our St. Odiliënberg facility.

Now if you’ve been to MERU for a course or event in the past ten years, you know this is a big change for us and our community.

After all, the St. Odiliënberg building provided housing for course participants, staff, and visitors of the Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre – and allowed us to hold a wide variety of events in-residence.

So on the practical level, what does it mean for the future of MERU? And how does this change affect you?

Read on to find out.

Why are we no longer using the building?

We should start by saying a few words about why we’re no longer using the St. Odilienberg facility. Firstly, MERU has not owned the property in St. Odiliënberg – we’ve been renting it for a number of years, and we’ve been grateful for how the space has allowed us to enjoy the growth of our courses, trainings, and Health Centre activities in recent years.

But as we know, change is the nature of relative life. And a few months ago, the owners of the building gave us a decision to make: either we purchase the property, or they sell the building.

The executive directors and board of MERU considered this question very carefully in the context of our end goal, which has always been to develop the Vlodrop campus into the fully blossomed capital of the Global Country of World Peace that Maharishi envisioned – complete with Vastu accommodation, offices, dining services, and more right on campus.

And ultimately, the leadership decided that purchasing the building and implementing the costly renovations required by the government would not be a wise decision for the long-term future of MERU.

What happens next?

While this does mean a number of changes for MERU, the good news is that many of our activities will continue in some form.

So here is an overview of the activities that are continuing, and those that are on a (short) break.

Continuing currently

  • Advanced Techniques and the TM-Sidhi Programme

At MERU we’re very fortunate to house a number of TM-Sidhi administrators, and so we’ll be continuing to offer the Advanced Techniques and TM-Sidhi Programme on a regular basis, with participant housing arranged near campus. As you may know, the Advanced Techniques and TM-Sidhi Programme are Maharishi’s core programmes for personal development after learning TM – profound tools to expand one’s awareness. You can read more about the upcoming  Advanced Techniques here. (Note the dates of the next TM-Sidhi course will be announced soon.)

  • Vedic Celebrations

We’ll be hosting the Vedic celebrations as usual, warmly welcoming everyone to join the recitations on Vlodrop campus for the day for a modest contribution. For large celebrations like Winter Assembly and Guru Purnima, we’ll be able to arrange housing in nearby bungalow parks and/or hotels. The main change will be that for the smaller multi-day celebrations, like Navaratri and Deepavali, we won’t be able to provide housing, although we will be happy to give you recommendations on where to stay. To read the fall 2019 schedule for Vedic celebrations and to apply for upcoming events, please go here.

  • Volunteer Programme

The volunteer programme at MERU has been a fantastic way for new and experienced meditators alike to focus on their personal growth, and have special access to deep knowledge through staff meetings, courses, and the Advanced Techniques and TM-Sidhi Programme – all while serving in a unique environment. We’ll continue bringing on new volunteers to maintain all the necessary functions of MERU, so this is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to experience life at MERU over a longer period of time. For more information about the volunteer programme, visit this page.

On hiatus, but resuming soon

  • Courses and trainings

For the rest of 2019 we won’t be offering knowledge courses or professional trainings, but don’t worry – we plan to bring these back in early 2020. These courses offer in-residence knowledge, so you grow in both intellectual understanding and experience of consciousness. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t yet, to ensure you receive updates on the 2020 calendar as soon as they are available.

  • Health Centre

We won’t be offering treatments at the MERU Health Centre for the rest of the year, but activities will be resuming in a new location in early 2020, to be announced soon. These timeless and preventative treatments from the Health Centre are one of the most effective ways to purify the mind, body, and consciousness – so we’re looking forward to seeing the Centre develop. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the opening of the new Health Centre.

A renewed focus on building on campus

With St. Odiliënberg no longer in use, you might be wondering … does this mean MERU will build on campus soon?

In short, the answer is absolutely, yes!

With an even greater need for housing for guests, staff, course facilities, and beyond, the leadership has renewed their focus on building on campus to fulfil Maharishi’s vision for the international capital. And the obstacles that had been preventing us from moving forward are now removed, clearing the path for progress.

There are many plans to be made and details to be determined. But it’s only a matter of time before we begin hosting guests on campus.

We are very aware of, and grateful for, the growing interest in wellness, and Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi’s programmes specifically. And we know the desire for Vedic knowledge will only increase in the coming years – which is why we’re resolved to provide increasingly professional and effective services to meet the growing demand. Finishing the MERU campus will play a large role in meeting that demand, probably in more ways than we realise at the moment.

With these developments in mind, we’re overjoyed that MERU will continue to be a lighthouse of Maharishi’s knowledge of consciousness, a central meeting point for the global TM community, and a supportive, inspiring place to grow in knowledge and experience.

It’s our great joy to continue our mission of bringing the timeless Vedic knowledge of consciousness and its applications to everyone – so the tides can be turned at last, and our whole world can enjoy a peaceful, vibrant, and creative society.

We’re deeply heartened by this opportunity to be even more focused on this goal, and sincerely look forward to what will come in the following months and years.

We hope you’ll continue to follow the developments at MERU, to join us for events, and to participate in these wonderful developments.

To stay up-to-date on what’s happening at MERU, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.

About the Author

Rebekah Mays is originally from Austin, Texas, and currently lives in the Netherlands. She is thrilled to be working as MERU’s Content Director, and her aim is to help make Maharishi’s vast knowledge more accessible to people from all countries, ages, and backgrounds.