Paypal Payment instructions

First of all you do not need a Paypal account in order to pay for the course fee. You can also pay with your credit card. The top part of the Paypal window is for entering your email and password associated with your Paypal account.

The second part is for payment with your credit card. See picture below.

Continue reading if you need to change the language from Dutch (default language) to your country’s language.

Problem: Paypal payment is not in English or in my language

Reasons: This is a problem from Paypal side, that choose Dutch by default because we are in Holland.


1. If you are using Google.Chrome as your browser, it will translate any page you visit to the language you have chosen.

2. Otherwise if you choose another browser you can toggle from the current language to the one you like by choosing your country in the Credit Card section.

See pictures below.

The country drop down menu shows the countries in Dutch so you would have to find your country name from the Dutch list.

For example: United States is Verenigde Staten in Dutch. Choose it from the Country drop down menu and then the whole page will be seen in English.

If you choose another country it will be in the language of that country.