Travel Information

Courses at MERU are held on two different campuses, MERU Vlodrop and MERU St. Odilienberg, connected via bus shuttle.

Before planning your trip, please make sure to check your “payment confirmation and registration information” details sent via email to know whether your registration will be held in MERU St. Odilienberg or MERU Vlodrop.

MERU St. Odilienberg and MERU Vlodrop

MERU St. Odilienberg
Willem Alexanderlaan 1,
6077 BX St. Odilienberg
The Netherlands
MERU Vlodrop
Station 24,
6063 NP Vlodrop
The Netherlands

MERU St. Odilienberg is accessible via public transportation and car. This is why registration for most courses happens here. If your course is held on Vlodrop campus and your housing is in St. Odilienberg, MERU will provide transportation between MERU St. Odilienberg and MERU Vlodrop. Please read this page for more information on how to access MERU via public transportation.

MERU Vlodrop is most easily accessible by car or taxi. You may also reach MERU Vlodrop by walking from the Dalheim train station in Germany. Sometimes for our big events, registration happens directly on Vlodrop campus. Please read the below page for traveling to MERU Vlodrop by public transportation.

Public Transportation to St Odilienberg from any Station or Airport:

To find your way to MERU St. Odilienberg, just click on the button below and enter your address of departure, or simply indicate from which airport you are coming to MERU. Most transfers to St. Odilienberg go through Roermond.

For international public transportation (coming from outside Benelux & Germany), visit:

The nearest airports are:

  • Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam)
  • Eindhoven Airport
  • Düsseldorf Airport (Germany)
  • Maastricht Airport

Bus from Dusseldorf to Roermond: 

The IC bus from Dusseldorf main station to Roermond is less than 10 euros. Read more details here. Note that the bus stops at the Roermond Designer Outlet, which is about a 16-minute walk from Roermond Station.

Bus from Roermond to MERU St. Odilienberg: 

Roermond station is about 15 minutes away from MERU St. Odilienberg. During the day, there are buses every 30 minutes to MERU St. Odilienberg (either bus N. 61 or N.63).

  • The best is to take bus N.61 that leaves every 4 minutes past the hour, and it takes you to the stop St. Odilienberg, Willem Alexanderlaan, right by our facility.
  • N.63 leaves every 32 minutes past the hour and will take you to St. Odilienberg, Bernhardlaan, just a 7-minute walk to our facility. Click here to see the walk route.

MERU Bus Shuttle from Vlodrop to MERU St. Odilienberg

For some people coming from Germany, it may be easiest to reach MERU St. Odilienberg via MERU Vlodrop rather than Roermond. Registered course participants with courses in St. Odilienberg may take the 4:45 pm staff bus from MERU Vlodrop campus to MERU St. Odilienberg. Please notify us in advance at if you would like to use the MERU bus shuttle.

Public Transportation to MERU Vlodrop

To reach MERU Vlodrop via public transportation, the best way is to arrive at Dalheim Banhof (Wegberg). Click here to learn how to reach Dalheim. Please note there is a 30-minute walk from Dalheim station to the MERU Vlodrop campus. Here is a photo of the walk to campus.

By Car

By Taxi

If you would like to request information about taxi companies, please send us an email at