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Individual is Cosmic
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Course Participants Testimonies

JAMES MOUSLEY testimony:

This audio is of James Mousley, 28 years old. He is from Great Britain and has had amazing results in curing his 18-month chronic Tinnitus (constant high pitch ringing in the ears) from the last Vedic Physiology Model course.

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CatherineNancy (90 year young) and son Greg (Purusha) have taken
The Individual is Cosmic course three times.
Please enjoy the photo of Nancy and Mary Catherine.
This wonderful photo means a lot to those of us in the ladies dome.
We used to see Nancy always in the wheelchair being pushed by Mary Catherine.

Now, thanks to Maharishi's Supreme Gift of the Vedic Physiology Model, Nancy is pushing Mary Catherine!

See quote from her son Greg below!

“I took the Individual is Cosmic Course three times and I also brought my 90 year old mother with me. She is in the wheel chair. Her experiences were quite profound. She noticed quite an improvement in her overall well-being and also in her ability to walk. She has arthritis that is really difficult for her sometimes. This makes it difficult for her to walk and she needs to use a wheelchair. So, the course was very enlivening for her.
"And, for me it was quite Cosmic because I could feel all kinds of things going on in the physiology when the various Mandalas were being highlighted. I also had a very very profound sense of deepening awareness—almost like witnessing the whole time. Jai Guru Dev.”

EXPERIENCE we just received from Course Participant taking the November CRS

November 9, 2011

This is the fifth time that I have taken the class since July. I had forgotten how profound my experiences have been.
The reason that I have continued to take the class over and over is that I have felt incredible growth and healing taking place as a result of experiencing the model and better understanding the mechanics of what's happening inside of me.

I have also found that when I pick up Maharaja's book, I have been better able to make sense out of it. Reading the book brings a bliss that I hadn't felt before I started taking the class.

After last night's class, I had a wonderful night's sleep. I felt good in the morning and had a blissful program in the Dome. I can feel that my whole physiology is much more integrated today.

Thanks! Jai Guru Dev

EXPERIENCE from Course Participant

The Individual is Cosmic course has been such a powerful tool to bring about better health for me. I have always been attentive to things to do to improve my health and taking this course with the colorful model of the Vedic physiology that Maharishi designed has been the best, easiest and quickest way to help correct my imbalances and establish better health.

Not only am I finding a huge improvement in my health from the course, but I also have acquired a very noticeable and tangible connection with my Cosmic counterparts. This intimate connection is with me during my meditations and in my activity during the day. Rather than feeling like an isolated---ME—I am feeling more of a connection with the wholeness of creation. It is not a mood either—it is tangible.

This experience started on the first night of the course when I was watching the Model of the Vedic Physiology and the Vedic sounds of the 7th Mandala started playing. As I was listening to the Vedic sounds, I was watching the hypothalamus blinking and pulsing with a white light. Then, everything in the lecture hall dissolved and it was just me, the Vedic sounds and the pulsing Hypothalamus.

I felt my whole brain come alive with the same blinking/pulsing activity. At this time, my brain had never felt more alive, complete and happy. My whole Being was reverberating in this Vedic attention.

When the Vedic sounds were over and the Hypothalamus stopped blinking, the lecture hall faded back into existence, but my mind and body felt brand new--almost like there was a whole new me!

When the class was over I got into my car and headed home. When I got out of my car, the moon was up in the sky and I could not take my eyes off of it. I felt like an iron filing being drawn to a magnet.

As I stood there, I felt like my hypothalamus in the middle of my brain was resonating with the moon. There was such an intimate connection between the two it was as if there was a straight line connecting my Hypothalamus with the moon. I felt more of a bond with the moon than I have ever had. It was a very sweet feeling of oneness and love.

I went into my house and immediately got out Maharaja's book and looked for any information I could find on the hypothalamus. To my delight, there is was—the hypothalamus corresponds to the moon.

How fortunate are we all to have these Cosmic Vedic technologies of consciousness that Maharishi designed for us to make us truly Cosmic and our health invincible. Words fall short to express my gratitude.

Jai Guru Dev

– C. J. Iowa

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