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The Individual is Cosmic
Awaken Your Brain: The Machinery for Health,
Happiness, Success and Enlightenment

Development of Total Brain Potential
Understanding and Experiencing the Growth of One’s Cosmic Potential through the Science and Technology of Consciousness
with Dr Alarik and Dr Cynthia Arenander
Featuring the Model of Vedic Physiology

Due to the success of the last two courses by Dr. Alarik and Cynthia Arenander, Individual is Cosmic held from 29th March to 3rd April 2013 and Development of Total Brain held from 4th April to 9th April at MERU, Holland, you can now enjoy these courses online at your Center or from the comfort of your home.

For more information and to register for these online courses please go to these links:

Individual is Cosmic Course

Development of Total Brain Potential

Each course is available for a period of 5 months from the day that your payment is received and your registration is completed by our office.

The Model of Vedic Physiology

Viewing the beautiful electronic Model of Vedic Physiology combines the direct experience with the intellectual understanding of modern science in light of Maharishi’s Vedic Science.

The Model of Vedic Physiology was designed by Maharishi to present Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam’s discovery to enliven brain coherence, the body’s inner intelligence, and promote improved physiological functioning.

Maharaja explains that total natural law is within us, and is available to us in the sounds of the Vedic Literature, which are vibrations of the Self. Experiencing the Model of Vedic Physiology allows the viewer an opportunity to realize how these sounds enliven the body’s innate intelligence.

You will be able to view the model and select your choice of the following languages: English, Farsi, German, Italian, Mongolian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

Model of Vedic Physiology

Jai Guru Dev


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