13 – 22 October 2019

Peñiscolá, Castellón, Spain

You’re invited to the biggest event of the year for young Meditators!

Join us in sunny Peñiscolá, Castellón, Spain for the tenth annual International Young Meditators’ Course – the biggest event of the year for young Meditators!

Over nine relaxing days, you’ll dive deep into your Transcendental Meditation practice, meet young Meditators from around the globe, and learn how you can use Maharishi’s knowledge to live your best life.

More than 130 young people joined us for last year’s course in Romania. We can’t wait to see how many come together in 2019!
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Highlights from last year's course
What 2018 participants had to say ...

‘I’ve been 3 years in a row now and this one – with over 130 people – held some especially
 magical moments. This course always spurs big, priceless changes in my life, more changes in one week than the other 51 put together.’ 
Jamie Knapp, The Netherlands

‘It was my first rounding course, and
 this experience was exceptional  for me. It is exceptional in terms of the new knowledge and increased understanding of Transcendental Meditation – also in terms of the warmth, support, acceptance, and kindness of everyone.’
Ola Issa, Palestine

‘This was a great, great course. I have never participated in an international course before and I am really impressed. We 
 created such a good energy.
Adela Herea, Romania
This year’s location:
sunny Peñiscolá, Castellón, Spain

This year’s course takes place in a 4-star hotel on a beautiful beach of the Baleriac Sea in Peñiscolá, Castellón, Spain. Course meetings and meditation all conveniently happen in the hotel, with time outside in the sun and fresh air so you get fully refreshed and recharged.
Invitation from Raja Antonio of Spain and Cristina Ballesteros
**** A true 4-star hotel experience ****
We’ll be staying in the Gran Hotel Peñiscola, a true 4-star hotel. The hotel is ideal for our event – right on the beach, quiet, with multiple spacious rooms for group programme. It has a fitness area as well as an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and you even have the option of paying a small fee to enjoy the spa in your free time.

One of the best points of the hotel might be its excellent catering services. Our group will be treated to a special organic vegetarian buffet with a large selection of dishes and desserts to choose from at each meal, or you can take from the hotel’s main buffet if you like. Do you have special dietary needs? Don’t worry! The hotel can cater to all types of diets and will ask for this information when you arrive.

9 days of deep rest & meditation

One of the biggest benefits you’ll get from this course is lots of time dedicated to your Transcendental Meditation practice. 

Since the IYMC is a rounding course, you’ll be doing multiple cycles, or ‘rounds,’ of guided yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, and rest every morning and evening for truly deep rest and rejuvenation. An expert in the Maharishi Yoga Asanas will guide you to make sure you get the full benefits of your asana practice. And as you’ll see, the wonderful benefits of Transcendental Meditation become even more powerful when practised in such a large group. 

Previous course participants have said that the experience of rounding on this course was truly life-changing – they came out of the course feeling inspired, refreshed, and ready to take on anything! Participants also report that they gained new clarity on their direction in life.

‘I really understand and value the importance of “deep rest” now. The combination of knowledge and actually putting the technique into action has resonated the importance of deep rest  and relaxation for the rest of my life.
Heidi Penhallow, UK

‘When you go on this course, you just can’t stop meditating anymore!
 I really felt that we are all one, like a big family, and everybody, in their own way, is wonderful as he or she is. Thank you so much for this experience!’
Franziska Kimpel, Germany

Best vacation ever  – never had such a deep inner experience before.’
Edita Arabaszova, Czech Republic
Connect with other young meditators

Last year, 130 young Meditators, Sidhas and TM Teachers from around the world came together for the IYMC in Romania – a very exciting moment for our worldwide community of young meditators.

This year’s IYMC is YOUR chance to join such a big group of young Meditators, to get to know new faces and spend time with old friends.
I feel totally transformed. Being surrounded by such interesting, vibrant, and lovely young Meditators has been an amazing experience!’
Sophie Renwick, UK

‘I loved how the whole group came together so easily and effortlessly. It was
 an experience that I’ll keep with me for a long time  and I will try to motivate as many other people as possible to join in the next coming years.’
Dajana Becoku, New Zealand

‘I was already expecting the course to be good but couldn’t imagine the effect would be that great.
Being with the wise people around your age  makes you feel like you’re at home.
Şeyda Özkaya, Turkey
Get inspired by leaders in Maharishi’s organisation

‘These courses are  the highlight of the year for me  – such a joyful exploration of Maharishi's supreme knowledge with the next generation of enthusiastic Meditators and Sidhas.’
Raja Peter

Along with deep rounding and free time, you’ll enjoy wonderful knowledge presented by leaders in Maharishi’s organisation – Raja Peter of the UK, Raja Antonio of Spain, and their fantastic group of young course leaders James Scott, Carla Berkers, Daniel Pal, and Cristina Ballesteros.

With their guidance you’ll hear beautiful talks from Maharishi and presentations of deep knowledge to help you live your life to the fullest. One special highlight will be hearing Raja Peter’s inspiring stories from his many years working with Maharishi. And perhaps the biggest treat of all will be having a call with Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR, leader of Maharishi’s organisations worldwide! There will also be introductions to specific areas of Maharishi's knowledge, such as Maharishi Yoga, AyurVeda, Aroma Therapy, Light Therapy with Gems, and more.

‘Both course leaders and organisers did a beautiful job providing   the perfect setting  for unfolding of the wonderful atmosphere created through deep meditations, joyful chats, inspiring tapes and radiating love.’
Johannes Schweigel, Germany

‘Raja Peter’s personal stories with Maharishi were the highlights of the course for me.
 Those stories mean so much to us young people who never got the pleasure of meeting Maharishi.
Day trip to Morella, Spain

During the course you’ll have the chance to take an optional day trip with the group to the historic mountaintop town Morella, Spain, which is just an hour’s drive from the hotel. Morella is an enchanting medieval town boasting an iconic castle and a rampart wall more than a mile long. The cost of the trip will be approximately 20 euros and includes a guided tour of the city and access to historic monuments.

Arrival and departure days
Update! The departure date has been brought forward by one day. The course will end on 22 October.

Arrival date is Sunday 13 October. We recommend you arrive at the hotel by 4 pm to be settled in time for evening programme; otherwise please arrive by 7 pm in time for dinner, or 8 pm for the first meeting. The course will finish on Tuesday 22 October, with lunch.


The nearest airports to the hotel are Castellón (40 mins drive), Reus (1hr 16 mins), Valencia (1 hr 25 mins), and Barcelona (2 hrs 5 mins). All airports have public transportation or a shuttle that can take you to the hotel, ranging from about 1.5 to 30 euros each way. We will send you full travel recommendations once you book your place.

All-inclusive price for 9 days:

Private room – Full sea view: 970 €
Shared room – Full sea view: 700 € p.p.
Private room – Partial sea view: 910 €
Shared room – Partial sea view: 630 € p.p.

The price includes the course fee, comfortable accommodation at the Gran Hotel Peñiscolá, and three organic vegetarian meals a day.

Are you ready to join us for the biggest event of the year?

‘It was  life-changing, eye-opening, empowering, energizing, something that I will forever cherish.’ 
Rus Adrian Raul, Romania

‘This course gave me the time to enjoy every part of TM,
deepen the experience and learning so much more  about TM, Ayurvedic knowledge.  I could not have imagined  a better way to end my summer!’
JS, Belgium

‘Learning Maharishi’s knowledge and being in such a nice group of people is
 priceless. It really needs to be experienced to know it for yourself.’
Amellia Hesse, USA

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This event is organised by the Maharishi Foundation Spain, Maharishi Foundation UK, the MERU Course Office, ELI, and TM Together.

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